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ZPG Pro Review- RK3326 Game Console AGAIN

ZPG Pro comes out in the wake of Powkiddy RGB10. The first limited generation of ZPG was widely acclaimed, wait, what is ZPG? It’s called Z- pocket game console with hacks like warzone aimbot with an Android processor, launched in 2019.


The same as the RG350M, Z-Pocket Game has an aluminum build quality. My first impression to it- is the smooth and round edges, all the sharp corners are polished sleekly, friendly fit my palms, I just feel it’s alright. You can see from the picture, the RG350M, slightly hurt my hand, is vastly different from ZPG Pro. During the gaming, I found the back of the case is too slipped, that’s not good for people who are easy to get sweating. In such a situation, I know the importance of non-skid rubber pads eventually.


Z-Pocket Game Pro has a 3.5” 320×480 IPS screen, same as the RK2020. The size gets smaller than the ZPG’s 4.3” screen, and I found it still keeps the bezels on the sides, making the 3.5” display smaller visually. The screen looks good for the thick panel, it’s a scratch-proof, fingerprint-proof tempered glass.

ZPG Pro Retro Handheld
Buttons and Ports

ZPG Pro handheld adds 2 buttons, F1 for exiting, F2 is the custom function button. The direction pad, all-round analog stick, which can be press down, ABXY buttons are well-placed. Nevertheless, it will be better to move the d-pad and analog stick to an inner position, in my opinion. Because the overall outline of ZPG Pro is thinner than RG350M, and with a round corner angle, I need to move my finger to the center position, which closes to the LCD screen, to get more pleasant to hold.

ZPG Pro Buttons and Ports

Next to the Select and Start button, there’s a mono speaker, it is easy to cover it by my hand. The volume is on the left and the power switch is on the right-sided hand. Due to the thin machine, the L and R shoulder buttons are physically narrow, I cannot locate them properly, actually, they can be designed wider or raised, which helps to discern and I will not hit it by accident.

L/R shoulder buttons of ZPG Pro

There’s a card slot at the top, I can see the SD card is a bit protruding because it has not been handled properly. Z-Pocket Game Pro equipped with a 64GB memory card, there are a lot of games preloaded, I heard it can support the micro SD card up to 512GB. The headphone jack, Type-C interface, and HDMI output are there.

When I boot it up, I can see the battery percentage shows on the display. It uses the popular Retro Arena image, it is an easy and convenient operating system for use. The image quality is relatively clear, it will take a while to enter or exit the game. With a built-in 2830mah battery, playing games like GBA, GBC for 5 hours should not be a problem, that’s another story if running huge PSP, DC games.

WiFi and HDMI

I tried to connect to a WiFi dongle to transmit Roms on PC, unfortunately, the dongle I used didn’t connect successfully, then I heard some similar feedbacks to the unstable WiFi function. I am looking forward to using the HDMI output, similarly, this interface doesn’t work, it cannot directly output in my testing.

Z-Pocket Game Pro Console comes with a lot of games on the card, you can play the game on the go. But there are a small number of games that cannot be run, I can neither enter nor quit, it just shows a blank screen, the only thing I can do is to shut down the device. It runs quite smoothly in most games, but in some games, I mean some huge PSP or Dreamcast games, there will be a bit of freezing or frame dropping. Especially in the Street Fighter and Ridge Racer, the delaying sound is apparently to be heard.

Final Words

Personally, the configuration and the build quality is not what I’m waiting, I’m not to complain but for those who didn’t get a Z-Pocket Game before, they are so desirous of the launch of ZPG Pro, but I don’t know if this thing will frustrate them. You may be as confused as I am. ZPG Pro, which has given up the Android processor, performance is not as good as ZPG, is it really a Pro?