How to choose the Best RK3326 Retro Game Console?

When it comes to RK3326, the high-performance Quad-core processor from Rock Chip, we thought the Odroid-Go Advance immediately. It is a popular device that many people like, but it’s hard to get one. Never mind, we still have another RK3326 retro game console for choosing, for example, RK2020, RGB10, or ZPG Pro, all equipped with […]

Retro Game Console Reviews

ZPG Pro Review- RK3326 Game Console AGAIN

ZPG Pro comes out in the wake of Powkiddy RGB10. The first limited generation of ZPG was widely acclaimed, wait, what is ZPG? It’s called Z- pocket game console with hacks like warzone aimbot with an Android processor, launched in 2019. Impression The same as the RG350M, Z-Pocket Game has an aluminum build quality. My […]