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RG280V Official Promotional Video Released, is it a JZ4770 LDK?

Looking around at the market and what we’ve been waited for is RG280V. Anbernic overhauls the housing, making it comes with a feeling of FC controller, as like Revo K101 did. Ranging from the retro red-golden color combination to the solid Nintendo directional button, we can almost smell the nostalgia again on RG280V. Made of […]

Retro Game Console Reviews RG280m

RG280M Review RG280M How to buy?

Are you a retro handheld collecter or merely a player? If your answer is the former one, you must catch a glimpse of today’s protagonist, RG280m. Anbernic announced its launch in early June and its appearance reminds us straightly of RG350m. It’s like a little sibling of RG350m, with only one single joystick and smaller […]