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RK2020: PSP, DC, N64 runs good

For PSP lovers, installing emulators on PC or our smartphones is not rocket science, but let’s not forget that PC is not portable; on the other hand, sometimes we just like to get our hands on a real handheld when beating a PSP title. This is when we yearn for a pocket handheld that’s capable […]

Retro Game Console Reviews SupBor Q400

N64 HDMI all in – SupBor Q400

Before receiving this new SupBor / Subor Q400, we heard that it is very powerful. Please differentiate it from the one that came out in January, for what we’re about to bring you today is an upgraded version with a better screen and a more reliable system. Also, if you still recall its big brother […]

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Odroid-Go Advance Review- Should you buy it?

The Odroid Go Advance is a newly released handheld in 2020. The price is set at $55 USD. It is a surprising price in the handheld market. Will it bring us any surprise on its performance? Appearance The Odroid Go Advance has a single d-PAD, a single analogue stick, a single stereo speaker, four action […]