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Retroid Pocket 2- Android Retro Game Console

Things are moving fast in 2020, a powerful retro handheld is what we are looking for all the time. The Retroid Pocket 2- an Android Retro Game Console released on the first of this month(August). I believe that you must have heard of the Retroid Pocket retro handheld or PowKiddy A19 before if you are […]

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Odroid-Go Advance Review- Should you buy it?

The Odroid Go Advance is a newly released handheld in 2020. The price is set at $55 USD. It is a surprising price in the handheld market. Will it bring us any surprise on its performance? Appearance The Odroid Go Advance has a single d-PAD, a single analogue stick, a single stereo speaker, four action […]