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$60 PocketGo S30 Releases, an 8Bitdo SN30 Looking Game Console

What’s the PocketGo S30? PockeGo S30 is a game console released recently. The PocketGo and PocketGo V2 helped them won much reputation to take a place on the retro gaming market. It is a game console that resembles the 8Bitdo SN30 Pro controller. This is a first for a device like that. With the reasonable […]

PowKiddy V90 Retro Game Console Reviews

PowKiddy V90- A GBA SP Clone?

After some teaser spreading over the community, PowKiddy V90 is out in the wild. It’s a clamshell design palm-sized machine looking a lot like a GBA SP, colors can be chosen from “lemon yellow” and “brocade carp red (aka. orange)”. The GBA SP lovers show great interest in this machine. Clamshell handheld with solid performance is rarely seen […]

New PocketGo Retro Game News

New PocketGo Gets Upgrade

No matter how many handhelds are back into the market as improved versions, or how many newly launch gadgets are on the horizon, New PocketGo (or PocketGo version 2) is still the one I can’t forget. It’s chipped with the same CPU as RG350’s, JZ4770, which offers a solid performance in many emulations. With its […]