New PocketGo Retro Game News

New PocketGo Gets Upgrade

No matter how many handhelds are back into the market as improved versions, or how many newly launch gadgets are on the horizon, New PocketGo (or PocketGo version 2) is still the one I can’t forget. It’s chipped with the same CPU as RG350’s, JZ4770, which offers a solid performance in many emulations. With its […]

PocketGo Retro Game News

PocketGo Crystal Shells: Black / Blue

Start up your PocketGo. Enter whatever your games. Everything’s bright and colourful. Except that they’re imprisoned in your not so cheerful, black and white machine. Have you got tired of PocketGo’s invariable choice of color? Here comes the good news — PocketGo offers shells with two more color options that enable you to express your […]