How to choose the Best RK3326 Retro Game Console?

When it comes to RK3326, the high-performance Quad-core processor from Rock Chip, we thought the Odroid-Go Advance immediately. It is a popular device that many people like, but it’s hard to get one. Never mind, we still have another RK3326 retro game console for choosing, for example, RK2020, RGB10, or ZPG Pro, all equipped with RK3326 CPU. For those people who have trouble making a decision, I will make a comparison between the RK2020, RGB10, and ZPG Pro from the perspective of build quality, screen, buttons, etc.

First impression

You can get a black or metal RK2020 on their website, but I prefer the translucent purple housing, it’s unique with colorful face buttons combined. The panel has a great sense of touch, and the shell is lightweight, just carry it on your journey.

RGB10, whether the color or the button layout, it brings a strong Nintendo style. To be honest, with the same plastic material, it’s a little bit ordinary, if it is your taste, then forget it. It is lighter than RK2020.

The silvery-gray ZPG Pro has an aluminum shell with some glitters on the panel, the edges are sleek and smooth. On the retro game console market nowadays, there are a lot of retro consoles with great build quality to the corners. Edges of RK2020 and RGB10 are angular but ZPG Pro are more rounded, feel better in my hands. With the same thickness, ZPG Pro is a little wider than the two plastic devices. This the dimension comparison:

  • RK2020: 14.3 x 6.5 x1.7cm
  • RGB10: 14.4 x 6.3 x 1.6cm
  • ZPG Pro: 15.1 x 6.6 x 1.7cm

I thought ZPG pro has a large screen at first sight, obviously, I was wrong. Why are the bezels are so large? In fact, all the units feature a 3.5-inch screen. I mentioned it in the video of ZPG Pro, such a large bezel brings an illusion when gaming that the screen of ZPG Pro is smaller than that of RK2020 or RGB10.

I turned all the screens’ brightness to 50% to compare how’s the display looks under the same status. By contrast, ZPG Pro shows a brighter display, whilst, RK2020 is darker. With an identical resolution of 320×480, ZPG Pro has a better picture quality and viewing angle than RK2020, I just feel the characters showed on RK2020 are fuzzy, that’s not good for my eyes. RGB10 also has an excellent image quality. From the screen shows, it’s apparent that RK2020 has a warmer color tone, while the others are cooler and more brilliant.

Button Layout

Speaking of the button, RGB10 and ZPG Pro have two more custom function buttons than RK2020. ZPG pro has an additional volume button. I prefer the ABXY concave face buttons of RK2020, but there is one thing I want to complain about is the gap, where the button sits in, it’s wide, resulting in the button can be moved around easily.

The direction pad of ZPG Pro is low-profile with a concave in the center, it’s bigger than RK2020, and more comfortable when my thumb covers it. The d-pad of RK2020 sits very high and I feel it’s hard to press. RGB10 has a well-regulated, soft d-pad, and comfortable to press.

ZPG Pro has a thick analog stick, can be pressed down. I feel the joystick of RK2020 and RGB10 will be slightly slack, but without any impacting. They aren’t flawless but I like them so much.

The shoulder buttons of RK2020 are more suitable for me, fingers can perfectly control two pairs of buttons, they are still a bit rattling, but much better than the original version. Whilst, the one of RGB10 is not very easy to press and it doesn’t give loud clicks. When playing games on ZPG Pro, I don’t know if I pressed down the R1 or R2 button, but they can offer crisp feedback, I am quite satisfied with that.

RK2020 has a USB Type-A port used for connecting WiFi Dongle. RGB10 get an OTG port. ZPG Pro has an OTG port, and it has an HDMI output port but doesn’t work. Other configurations are similar, nothing special.

Pros and Cons

The performance of the RK3326 retro game console almost the same, I will show you some pros&cons from my using experiences. How to choose one from RKconsole, RGB10, and Z-Pocket Game? I think you may have already got your own idea now.

RK3326 Game ConsoleProsCons
RK2020unique shell
neat analog stick
reasonable shoulder buttons
high cost-effective
fuzzy characters
rattling shoulder buttons
RGB10additional custom buttons
high definition
commonplace shell
low-profile shoulder buttons
ZPG Progood build quality
sleek edge corner
comfortable direction pad
abundant games preloaded
beautiful image
delaying and frame skipping in some games
unreasonable shoulder buttons
relatively expensive