RK2020 Guide, Reviews and Tips

Welcome to RK2020 Guide & Tips help page, the initial idea for me to write this article is in order to share all aspects of reviews and tips about RK2020 whatever you’re interested in RK2020 or you have one already. I purchased RK2020 from the website, and upgrade expedited shipping. (P.S They can upgrade DHL shipping delivery, but you need to chat with them online and pay for extra) I got my RK2020 after one-week waiting and I indeed surprised by the machine. It has a slimmer and lighter shell. Whilst it exists some demerits, that’s the reason why I intend to create a page to helps RK2020 gamers or people who are interested in RK2020 to find what they want.

I will try my best to collect, organize, and update the source about the RK machine to this page. If you have any tips, try to comment and let me know! What’s more, I want to express my great respect and gratitude to the folks who share with us their reviews, tips, and tweaks to RK2020. Please share this page if it is helpful.

RK2020 Retro handheld

Where to buy RK2020?

RK2020 website:

RK2020 released a new aluminum version in August 2020. Also, the new batch of productions is greatly improved the battery issues and some other tweaks:

  • charging when off
  • overheating solved
  • fast charging
  • better POWER switch
  • more compact shoulder buttons
  • removal of the RESET button


Facebook Group: RK2020/Retro Game Handheld Paradise/Retro Handheld Gaming   Reddit: SBC Gaming/RK2020

Specification/ Details

Here are the basic specifications of RK2020.

CPURockChip RK3326 (Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A35 1.3GHz)
GPUMali-G31 Dvalin
Storagecomes with a 32GB micro SD card
Display3.5inch 320×480 IPS
AudioEarphone Jack
BatteryLi-Polymer 2600mAh
ButtonsL1/L2, R1/R2, D-pad, ABXY, Joystick, Select, Start, Power
PortsUSB type C, USB type A, TF slot
HDMInot supported

Unboxing, Reviews, and Gameplay

Unboxing and Introduction

Sonic Love:
Riz Reviews:
Panda MiMi:


The RK2020 Review:
RK2020: PSP, DC, N64 runs well:
RK2020 Handheld Review:

Panda MiMi:
Retro Dodo:

Emulators testing and Gameplay

Panda MiMi:
Sonic Love:
This Youtuber keeps testing some emulators, Nintendo DS, Dreamcast, PSP, and N64, etc,. You can go to check more gameplay videos from him.

Quick Use and Tips

Quick use for the new gamer.
Enter emulator: A
Exit emulator: B
Start a game: A
Quit the game: click Select + Start twice
But you only need to press select on time to quit the game in the PSP games.

The unit doesn’t equip with volume and brightness buttons. You can set it in the main menu or use the hotkeys.
Volume: keep pressing SELECT (L2)+ D-pad up/down
Brightness: keep pressing SELECT (L2)+ D-pad left/right

Max size of SD card
The unit comes with a 32GB card. I can tell 128GB is supportive. I’ve seen who posted it can support 512GB card, I can’t make sure, but you can have a try.

WiFi Dongle
Normal dongle works fine. To be honest, I don’t recommend it for beginners, it will run out of battery significantly.
By the way, the multiple-playing is not supported, even though a TV jack here, which is just for headphone set.

WiFi dongles recommended in the following

Edimax EW-7611ULB
ODROID WiFi Module 0
ODROID WiFi Module 5a
AmeriDroid WiFi Module 5
TP-Link TL-WN725N
Goliton RT3070
Netgear A6100
Note: there are issues with some high-powered (5 GHz) WiFi devices and the Rev1.1 “Black Edition” devices.

How to install the firmware?

If you want to use a bigger micro SD card or you’d like to refresh the OS, you can refer the tips. Before installation, you need to prepare:

  • An 8GB or larger blank MicroSD Card
  • Win32 Disk Imager
  • Firmware

How to install:

  • download the win32disk imager
  • download and uncompress the firmware. You should have a file with the filename extension of ‘.img’
  • insert the blank micro SD card to your PC
  • for those who want to refresh the firmware, you need to format the SD card first
  • load Win32 Disk Imager and choose the ‘.img’ file to ‘write’ it in
For Emuelec

The operating system of RK2020 comes as the same as OGA. It is a stable and mature image. v3.5 and v3.6 image work well on the RK2020.
Get the firmware:
Tutorials could be found easily on Youtube.
Video tutorials:
Emuelec Firmware via wifi adapter:

For Retro Arena 2.4 NTFS

TheRA 2.4. OS is highly recommended for beginners.
The most essential tweak for the system is, you don’t need to copy ROMs via a third-part partition wizard tool. Just add the ROMs into the corresponding emulator folder under the EASYROMS NTFS partition. All of these could be archived with the Win10 system.
Get the firmware:

How to add ROMs?

  • Install and load a partition wizard
  • Insert the SD card on your PC
  • Find the ROMs folder under the Storage catalog, and copy ROMs to the corresponding emulation folder.


P.S. For the Retro Arena image, you can copy ROMs to the EasyROMs folder directly without a partition tool. But you need to make sure of your computer is Win 10 system.

How to transfer save state to another SD card

Disassembly/Shell changing

Problems You May Have

For people who have an old RK2020, besides the basic doubts mentioned before, you may suffer from some other issues, for example, you cannot charge the device when off, overheating issue…

RK2020 launched an improved version of RK2020 recently, the battery status is much improved as they claimed. Charging can proceed when off and there is no overheating any more, most important improvement is fully charging can be finished in 2-3 hours. So it’s very nice for you to get a new one if you don’t have an RK2020 in your hand.

Display shows system file corruption

I heard some gamers have the issue with powering on, never mind, just waiting for 2 minutes and you may see the display.

Light Bleeding

If the bleeding light bothers you, try to mask it off with electrical tape from the inside of the shell.

Overheat during Gaming

According to what Christianhaitian said, he glued a 0.5mm copper shim to the CPU of the unit to radiate the heats.

Charging RK2020 when Power off

I chatted online with the customer service and he replied to me that they are trying to improve the battery charging patch. That’s good but it may take some time. Fortunately, Christianhaitian provides a SPI patch, I tried, it failed for the first time and it did well in the second time. So, you may take a risk. The process is easy, just like the installation of the firmware.
See how to load:

Cannot turn RK2020 on anymore

I’ve seen some of gamers complained the unit turns off when playing, it feels like dead. I summarized what we can do when encountering such situation.

  • Be sure you have charged the unit for 3-5 hours, the device should be powered on if without charging spi update firmware image.
  • Try to change a micro SD card with firmware, it may get a crash.
  • Press the power button to turn off the red lights on the back (if have), try again to turn on it.
  • If still not work, you may need to contact them


Thanks again for those who share the tips and ideas with us. For their guidance and advice, I can finish this article. I hope this page can give you guys a general idea regarding the RK2020.

Sorry for my capacity limitation, I cannot solve all the problems. If you have anything that is worth sharing, or there is a mistake in the article, please do comment and let me know!