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RK2020 Aluminum model released, what’s new in it?

Everyone is talking about the upcoming retro game handhelds, whilst RK2020 released an aluminum version of RK2020 yesterday, Aug 14th, on their website. There are many game players, like me, who are curious about the improvements in the new model of RK2020.

RK2020 aluminum game console


The build quality of aluminum RK2020 is used to be criticized in community, it’s nice to see it transferred to the upgraded metal this time. With the high quality, it indicates the machine is hard to be worn out, consequently, the weight gets increased. How about the other design tweaks?


From the pictures, buttons seem are more reasonable than before. It claims the L/R and L2/L2 buttons are more compact, so I guess the rattling shoulder buttons should be improved to a great extent by the rigid material. If you had an original RK2020, you will know what I mean.

ABXY are dyed with different colors, making the boring outlook more energetic. Meanwhile, it saves the labor and time for you to disassemble the purple shell, comes with dyeing ABXY.

RK2020 metal game console

It could be apparently to find they add two pieces of non-slip rubber pads on the back of the case, which is similar to the RG350M, RG280M series. I can see the sweeping edges, both the top side and bottom, that’s much disparate with the plastic RK2020. They removed the Reset button to the metal RK2020. It only used for refreshing the firmware or SPI charging patch before.

Battery Charging

Slow charging speed and overheating issues are also universally concerned by gamers. The website says the new RK2020 solved overheating, and users can charge the device powering off now. Fully charged can be finished 2 hours, it’s not perfect, but much better than the old RK2020, which needs a 5-hour charging.

Should I get one?

The biggest issues of RK console are resolved now, I can’t ensure it runs flawlessly with Rockchip’s RK3326, but it can still win a seat on the market of retro game consoles, even in the forthcoming RK3326 units. You can get one at $99.99 on the RK console website, which is more economical than RG280M. The official website shows RK2020 aluminum is the limited version. If you are interested in the device, you’d better place an order as soon as possible.