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RG351 Upcoming Retro Console-News and Rumors

It is the most expected open-source retro handheld in 2020. It is a game console drawn great attention and has aroused a heated discussion in the community- It is RG351. Rumors about it never stop, it’s said that the new device will be available at the end of August, but it is 28 August now.

RG351 should equip with some outstanding functions to be more competitive among its RK3326 siblings, such as RK2020, RGB10, and ZPG Pro, I’m looking forward to that. Folks from the Chinese Baidu forum have been keeping share some information and pictures about RG351.

RG351 Specification

What can we learn from the picture? RG351 swapped the location of the volume and power switch, compared with RG350P. Besides, the physical volume button transforms into a wheel design (shared by a user). The dual Type-C OTG port is available for connecting the gamepad, also, it removed the HDMI output port. It seems that RG351 has only one TF card slot.

The most important upgrade that attracts me is the built-in WiFi. I believe that most gamers are like that, enjoying gaming with friends on two RG351 devices. Some people say it will equip a 3300mah or 3500mah battery. If it’s true, RG351 will beyond all the retro devices launched this year, that’s powerful enough. The team leader of the RG series shared some additional functions to RG351 in the forum, the console has a low power indicator, when the battery is low, the green work light turns to be red to inform you of charging. That’s very helpful.

RG351 Prototype

There’s no doubt that the new Retro Game production will be the best RK3326 retro handheld in 2020. The outstanding build quality, built-in WiFi, etc. The release date is not yet known., so the details and specifications may change until it releases.