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RG350P – A plastic version of RG350M, is it good?

After the promotion of RG280M, the Chinese manufacturer released a new game handheld named RG350P recently. It is delightful to see more and more retro handhelds on the market to thrive in the retro gaming console circle. Is the plastic version of RG350M good enough to worth buying?

Key specs

CPUJZ4770 dual 1.0 GHz
Screen3.5 inch IPS
Resolution320 x 240
BatteryLi-polymer 2500 mAh
TF slotTF1, TF2
Speaker2 speakers
ColorGray, Black


The unit features 2 pairs of shoulder buttons, curved around the edge, are crisp. HDMI port differs from the RG350M’s, it supports output straightly. It has two 3D analog sticks. As the same as the RG350M, it features two TF card slots, the TF card is easy to be taken out. You can add ROMs to the external card by yourself. The stereo speakers on both sides. The volume buttons are closer and easy to grip and control. Unlike the RG350m or RG350P, you need to adjust the sound on the bottom when you play games on the RG350, that’s annoying.

There’s one thing to complain about is the brightness adjustment, I must adjust it by the hotkeys volume plus power. It is strange during gaming. 2 pieces of silicone pads embedded on the back to avoid slipper on your hands.

RG350P Black


When it comes to the improvements, the most obvious one is the plastic shell. It’s much lighter than RG350M. The analog stick moves the position to the bottom on the left side, keeping the same level as the one on the right side. That’s a good improvement for playing Fighting Games.

What’s more, they are low-profile than RG350’s. I can’t exactly measure it but the analog sticks now sit flush with the d-pad and ABXY buttons, it is more comfortable when playing. The joysticks of RG350 sit too high, I’ll get fingers cramping with long time playing. Besides, there is nothing special in the unit. I would say it lets me down.


RG350P equipped with a 320×240 resolution 3.5 inch IPS OCA display, you may think why it goes back to the RG350’s instead of the 680×480 of RG350M. It’s said that the manufacturer wants to create a sense of nostalgia by the lower resolution. How do you think about that? From the display, you can see the color temperature comparison between the three machines, the RG350M with 680×480 resolution is warmer and the RG350 and RG350P are bluish. It varies from person to person, but I prefer the color temperature of the RG350M.

CPU and Performance

RG350P comes with the same JZ4770 CPU, will the old processor be the end of RG350? I heard an RG351P will come to the market soon which features RK3326 CPU. So is the RG350P just a transition product to help manufacturers run their business?

It supports PS1、FBA、NEOGEO、NEOGEO POCKET、GBA、GBC and so on. It runs at a 60Hz frequency and hasn’t suffered any screen tearing yet. The battery is 2500 mAh supports for 6 hours playing. The analog stick designing is appreciated. I found the height is appropriate and comfortable, and the ABXY keys are responsive.

RG350P Gray

Is it worth buying?

I am delighted to see more and more retro handhelds come out on the market, but we are looking forward to seeing more powerful operating systems that can play PSP, Dreamcast, PSP, etc.

The 350P is cheaper at the price of nearly $88 than $130 for RG350M. Compared with the D-pad position of RG350, the button layout of RG350P is better. RG350P is a great choice if you want to get a handheld. But for those people who had an RG350 or RG350M already, there is no need to get an RG350P extra.