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New RG350 aluminum: RG350m

Ever since RG350 is released in September 2019, it has become a big hit in the retro console markets. Admittedly, many users love it, but with some scorns. Six months after the launch of RG350, an evolved version of it finally comes into our sight — here comes RG350 aluminum alloy called RG350m. The powerful New RG350 is quite elegant on its appearance which comes with three colors: Pink, gunmetal and pale blue, all in Aluminum alloy. It’s really good news and refreshment to have it while other competitors keep rising. Let’s see what upgrades has been made on this historic RG350m.

Difference: RG 350 aluminum VS RG350 Old

There are mainly five improvements on New RG350m compared to RG350.

Position of D-pad

The D-pad of RG350 is on the lower left of the machine. Considering most users’ habit of grabbing the machine and pressing on d-pad while game playing, a d-pad on this position is not comfortable for a long-time playing. RG350m switches the d-pad with the left joy-stick and is now on the upper left of the unit. With this placement, players with big hands could stretch their thumbs more to control on the d-pad in order to get better game performance.

The height of analogue sticks

Some users have gripes with the height of RG350’s analogue sticks, saying they stand too tall from the shell which affects the flexibility of controlling the sticks. In RG350m, the joy-sticks are sunken into the shell, protrude from the shell within a comfortable distance that’s wonderful for gaming.

TF card Slot

While RG350 has an internal TF card and is not easy to be taken out, RG350m makes the TF card accessible from the outside TF card slot. With a second TF card slot present.


RG350 upgraded definitely outscores RG350 by its 640×480 IPS screen, compared to RG350’s 320×240 that pixels clearly being observed on the screen.


Rumor has it that WiFi function is supported on RG350m, which remains unconfirmed so far.

It’s really exciting to see progress on the basis of RG350, but it might disappoint some players that RG350m still houses the same chip Ingenic JZ4770 with RG350. Also, its price is not ideal, at an average of $160. All in all, RG350m symbolizes the best of a JZ4770 device so far, but more has to be changed. Where will it lead us to? Let’s wait and see.

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