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RG280V Official Promotional Video Released, is it a JZ4770 LDK?

Looking around at the market and what we’ve been waited for is RG280V. Anbernic overhauls the housing, making it comes with a feeling of FC controller, as like Revo K101 did. Ranging from the retro red-golden color combination to the solid Nintendo directional button, we can almost smell the nostalgia again on RG280V. Made of anodized brushed aluminum, the panel does have the great build quality, but this is not we’re going to talk about today.

RG280V and Revo K101P

Except for the Select and Start button, RG280V gets a very similar button layout as LDK, the vertical edition of LDK Landscape. There is no joystick but it does include L2 and R2 button. The same as the other consoles in the Anbernic family, RG280V adopts a micro-movement design on the triggers. That is also the thing being criticized, some folks are afraid of the raised L2/R2, are too high, and sit too crowded to allow fingers to put comfortably. Indeed, it may be inconvenient for big hands to operate on such a small bulk. Learning from the picture, the audio jack and USB-C port are on the top. Dual TF card slots are equipped. If you have hesitation in the golden color, the silver color is also available as an option.

LDK and RG280V

Another question that has been discussed is the display of RG280V. It is easy to be found from its promotional teaser, with 2.8-inch OCA 320*480 resolution, whist, I can’t get more details if the IPS display scaling can be 4:3 or 3:2. RG280V has a built-in vibration function, it’s nothing new here.

RG280V Golden and Silver

With 4770 1.0GHz processor and DDR2/512M RAM, the performance is going to be superior to the LDK console and Bittboy. It runs the old systems like GBA, GBC, GB, SFC, FC and MD, according to the teaser.

We get one nice thing is the long battery life in 7 hours playing, it seems inoperative. Whereas, we must admit it is the best retro game console in the vertical edition series.

  • Screen: 2.8” IPS screen, OCA  full lamination/320*3*480  
  • CPU: 4770  dual 1.0 GHz    
  • RAM: DDR2 512M 
  • Memory: 16GB   
  • Function: Opendingux / (music/video)  
  • Games: Support vibrating games ,and perfectly support PS1、CPS1、CPS2、CPS3,FBA、NEOGEO、NEOGEO POCKET、GBA、GBC、GB、SFC、FC、MD、SMS、GG、Handy、MSX、PCE、WSC、POKE MINI.
  • Color: Golden and Silver
  • Battery: 2100mAh
  • TF card: Max to 256GB
  • E-book function: Support PDF,TXT ,RTF ,DOC,HTML
Release date

What being widely argued is that JZ4470 itself- we don’t need it but they seem don’t care much about that. With the rapid development, 4470 processor cannot keep pace with the steps of 2020, which should be eliminated. Even though it floors me over again, I still have a high expectation for the retro game console. The price is still not released, will you be buying the new game console?