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RG280M: Is this the mini version of RG350M?

Recently, a new handheld game console named RG280M comes into my eyesight and attracts my attention. Is it associated with RG350M? There’s no denying the fact that RG280M is another ambitious product manufactured by the Chinese factory who made RG350M once.

In the first place, the gorgeous gradient surprised me, it changes the impression of what people look at the handheld game console. The bold overall looking reminds me of stuff thing like a fashion show, who kept pace closely with the fashion trend all the time. It’s certainly striking. Will RG280M lead a new fashion trend in the market of the handheld game console? We can wait and see what happens in the future.

RG280M is compact and portable with a dimension of 13.6cm* *6.1m*1.8cm. Comparing with the size of RG350M 14.5cm*7.3cm*1.4cm, it is much smaller. 2500mAh Li-Polymer battery, which is the same with RG380M, supports 8 hours of continuous playing. There’s no doubt that RG280M would be a better choice to carry for outing and traveling. Just imagine you can put it into your pocket and bag, it won’t occupy much space.

It has inherited the aluminum alloy shell from RG350M. Such built quality is hard to undermine. Besides, it adopts a 2.8inch IPS display with OCA full lamination technology. The screen is smaller, consequently, the vivid images and sense of color should be shown perfectly with the 320*480 resolution.

From the picture attached, we can see D-pad, ABXY function game keys, START, SELECT, and only one analog stick, which varies from RG350M. It seems more neat and tidy. OTG, headphone audio, USB/DC could be found on the top of the console. Two pairs of shoulder buttons are raised. The Power button is on the left side and the volume button is on the right side. On the bottom, the TF1, TF2 slots, and RESET are right here, and RG280M adds to two speakers on the left and right of bottom. It may enhance the gameplay. It is similar to the RG350M, featuring two pieces of non-slip silicone, avoid slipping from your hands.

RG280M Front Side

RG280M features Dual-core JZ4770 CPU. It goes without saying that it is the same with RG350M. JZ4770 is outdating, honestly, a more powerful CPU which can emulate N64, Dreamcast, and PSP, is needed for gamers. So what’s the intention of releasing RG280M? Does it just for competing with other consoles, like RK2020 released in May 2020, to capture the market share and keep running the company?

As has been mentioned above, there are no other changes to the RG280M on the base of RG350M. It is indeed the mini version of RG350M.

RG280M will release on the market soon, the price is unknown. I still believe it will attract many game console collectors and gamers if the price is economical. Will RG280M bring the retro game console to a new era? It’s too early to tell it, the marketplace will show us the best answer. So what’s your point of view to RG280M?