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Powkiddy RGB20, they made a Vertical RK3326 Game Console


The first half of 2020 may be a great depression so that the new game consoles come out one by one at the end of the year. But that’s good news for the retro handheld gamers. So we have seen 2 handhelds came in this month, RG280V(JZ4770) and Powkiddy RGB20(RK3326). Don’t be too surprised, the debut of Powkiddy RGB20 can trace back to nearly two weeks before, but its eventual release date is the Chinese Double Eleven Sale Festival.

Powkiddy RGB20

It’s noticed that RGB20 is the third retro game console made with a Famicom look recently, followed close behind the Revo K101 and RG280V. Both RG280V and RGB20 are shaped vertically, it’s hard to ignore and give up to do a comparison. The dimension of RGB20 is bigger than RG280v, this is the measurement we could find on the internet, 9.3*10.8*2cm for RGB20 and 8.8* 7.8* 1.8cm for RG280V. It’s about the same height as the RG280V, but we don’t know the exact feeling in hands. Also, the 3.5-inch IPS screen is bigger visually.

RGB20’s physical housing is different in terms of button layout with RG280V. There are some tweaks we can learn from the picture. Firstly, they newly added L3/R3 on the bottom of the plate. Secondly, they changed the placement of L1/R1 and L2/R2 triggers, it’s a strange design due to triggers that are now in the back at a half-height of the housing. I’m curious about will it be comfortable to hold. I notice there’s a pair of stereos things above the triggers, but the official says that is designed for heat dissipation.

RGB20 Button layout
Powkiddy RGB20

The photo shows the plate is so cramped with massive buttons. It has the direction pad, ABXY face buttons, Select and Start, besides, the most essential change is they do provide a 3D pressed joystick, and an II/V button, now we have no idea about their usage. One thing here is confusing, trigger and buttons are all equipped but they even don’t offer a volume rocker.

On the top configuration, the headphone jack, TF card slot, USB-C, and OTG interface are well placed. The WiFi on/off switch is the last change. It’s rare to see all buttons are integrated into a vertical handheld.

Key Specs
  • CPU: Rock Chip 3326 Quad-core 1.5GHz
  • OS: Open-source linux
  • RAM: DDR3 1GB
  • WiFi: built-in
  • Screen: 3.5-inch, IPS OCA
  • Resolution: 480*320
  • TF card: 32GB-128GB
  • Battery: 3000mAh
  • Charging power: 5V/2A

We can give a conjecture, does the RGB20’s out is to compete with RG280V? That’s interesting to see people how to make a choice, once I get the device, I will take a review as soon as possible.