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PowKiddy RGB10 Review- Another RK3326 Retro Handheld

A few months have passed since the release of RK2020. I admit it has brought us a new experience for emulating DC, PSP, and Nintendo 64 with a good running performance. At the end of last month, a copied RK2020, RGB10 from PowKiddy was released.

PowKiddy RGB10 is better than what I expected. It looks so small, and lighter than RK2020. The bright yellow color absolutely reminds me of Nintendo Switch Lite immediately. The unit is very comfortable at the touch with an ABS plastic shell. I’d like to say, the buttons are well-placed, you will not hear it rattles like RK2020. There’s a white rubber dot on every corner of the back that is used to avoid slippering.

PowKiddy RGB10 Console

Buttons and Ports

The ABXY buttons feature a round convex design. The gap in the middle is small, it’s tighter than that of the RK2020, so it won’t go left and right when pressed. The plus and minus buttons are also copied, Switch Lite. I thought they were for volume adjustment, but they’re useless after testing.

The D-pad is recessed, perfectly fits the position of my thumb. It’s easy to control and adjust the direction, which means you don’t need to push it very hard. If the ABXY buttons are also designed like that, it will be much appreciated.

The joystick of RGB10 is exactly the same as RK2020, but it is a little higher. You can feel the charming analog stick all-round, but for me, a higher joystick with a silicone cap installed means that my finger has to be raised to a higher position, it will be very tiring of keeping such a gesture. Select and Start buttons are designed with a semicircle, like the PSP Go. It has two pairs of shoulder buttons, I don’t feel they are easy to press, I prefer the raised L2/R2 buttons of the RK2020, which are convenient for faster locating.

PowKiddy RGB10 Retro Handheld

The type-C charging port and TF card slot, a built-in 32GB card inserted already, could be found on the top. Also, they claim RGB10 supports a 32GB-128GB micro SD card. a headphone jack there, and we get an OTG and mono speaker at the bottom. I found a problem there when I tested the device. On the back of the machine, there is a bulge, maybe the battery is not installed properly.

PowKiddy RGB10 Retro Game Console

During Gaming

When playing Mario Kart, I tried the plus and minus buttons to speed up and release props, in some games, it can also be used to switch an angle of view. The Select and Start button, when exiting the game, my thumb can cover them at the same time, it’s easier to operate than RK2020, that’s quite good.

The biggest improvement of RGB10 is, charging is much faster than RK2020. What’s more, the unit can be turned off and charged now.

Should you buy it?

The charging issue has been greatly improved by the RGB10. Many manufacturers now want to take a share in the handheld market. If you are undecided, I suggest that you can wait for ZPG Pro or RG351. I don’t know and we can’t make sure what will be changed in the handheld market when these units equipped with RK3326 are released one by one.