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PocketGo Crystal Shells: Black / Blue

Start up your PocketGo. Enter whatever your games. Everything’s bright and colourful. Except that they’re imprisoned in your not so cheerful, black and white machine. Have you got tired of PocketGo’s invariable choice of color? Here comes the good news — PocketGo offers shells with two more color options that enable you to express your personality. Meet the transparent black and blue! A bit of a pick-me-up for fans of transparent shells.

In case you don’t know about it, PocketGo comes with a set of rainbow ABXY buttons (blue, red, yellow and green) which you could replace with the current set of black and plum combination. That is, if you still find transparent black and blue shells dull, you can add more colors to your adorable PocketGo by mating these rainbow buttons with them.

Hooray, please make handhelds with more personalities. Bye-bye to your monotonous boring look of PocketGo and enjoy your colorful gaming experience.