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Odroid-Go Advance Review- Should you buy it?

The Odroid Go Advance is a newly released handheld in 2020. The price is set at $55 USD. It is a surprising price in the handheld market. Will it bring us any surprise on its performance?

Odroid Go Advance

The Odroid Go Advance has a single d-PAD, a single analogue stick, a single stereo speaker, four action buttons ABXY, L and R shoulder buttons and six menu buttons. On this handheld, you can fully customize your unit following assembly tutorial on the website. The Odroid Go Advance comes as a kit, you can assemble it with something you want. Also, you need to install OS to SD card and adding games because there are no pre-loaded games on the handheld.

Odroid Go Advance Kit

Operating system
we can download the OS choosing from Retro Arena, Batocera, Debian Buster and Emuelec on the Odroid forum. I’m not sure about Emuelec, but I know that the stock image, which would be the Debian Buster, Batocera and the retro arena all use some standalone emulators to get the games up and running. In addition, there will be more to choose from in the upcoming weeks. The operating system will be stored on a Micro SD card. It works fine with 256-gigabyte card but I am not sure whether it would be fine with a higher gigabyte card.

On this handheld, we have the dual-core Mali-G31 GPU and the RockChip RK3326 CPU, which is a Quad-core Cortex-A35 CPU at 1.3GHz. We also have 1GB of RAM. And as for storage, there are 16 Mbytes of SPL flash storage built-in, but we also need to run everything from a MicroSD card and this will support USH-1 cards. It works fine with a 256-gigabyte card. On the front of the handheld, it is the TFT LCD display screen (3.5” 320×480). It’s not listed as IPS, but it looks excellent.

Buy Odroid Go Advance

Odroid Go Advance has a 3000 mAh power battery and they claim the battery power can sustain up to 10 hours gameplay, it is really good for a little handheld like this. It also contains one USB 2.0 Host on the Top and an exposed 10Pin Port setup. The Odroid Go Advance doesn’t have WiFi or internet built-in, but you can use USB adapters in that 2.0 port. The console doesn’t have a volume wheel, so volume, as well as the brightness on the screen, will be controlled through software.

You can use one of the menu buttons at the bottom, as long as the developer programs it correctly in the operating system you’re running.

We have initial supported emulators on the base image like atari 2600, atari 5200, atari 7800, game gear, game boy, game boy advance, game boy color, master system, Megadrive, n64, NES, PC engine, PC enginecd, PSP, PlayStation one, sega cd and SNES, and more emulators will definitely be added in the future. Though n64 and PSP are supported here, it doesn’t mean that every single game would run at full speed, the Retro Arena supporting 48 systems either, but they’re getting as much performance out of this situation as they can.

Game experience
Let’s experience gameplay. There haven’t had any issues with any PS1 games like Colin Mcrae Rally 2.0, it works flawlessly here. Besides, we do see the full speed on a lot of the easier to run games like Mario Kart, Mario 64, killer Instinct Gold and so on, but the harder to run Games like 007 Go Nine, Conkers Bad Furday are still slow on this. I believe the performance of n64 on this device would be increasing and we’ll have tons of games running at full speed. But keep in mind that it is unrealistic to see this device running every single n64 game at full speed right now. I will keep my eyes on the upgrade for the firmware in the future.

Odroid Go Advance N64

PSP is another demanding emulator, but we can also get a nice performance here. A lot of the 2D games do run at full speed here and there are also a bunch of 3D games at work, but you don’t expect the games like God of War, Chains of Olympus, Ghost of Sparta double edition and Kill Zone can run at full speed on this. By the way, sega cd can also run full speed on this device.
In my opinion, this is an amazing little system and I can’t wait to see the progress on the software. I’m pretty sure that we might get a better firmware in the future.

In the end, I think it’s a definite buy if you’re into single-board computer emulation retro handhelds. It is a superb emulation handheld that can compete with the super retro game RG350 and anything else that’s been released in 2019. The most important thing is that the price on this handheld is only 55$ without the shipping. I think it’s a really good deal to buy one.