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New PocketGo Gets Upgrade

No matter how many handhelds are back into the market as improved versions, or how many newly launch gadgets are on the horizon, New PocketGo (or PocketGo version 2) is still the one I can’t forget. It’s chipped with the same CPU as RG350’s, JZ4770, which offers a solid performance in many emulations. With its price range from $59 to $65 and its reliable build quality, it still rival from its companions in terms of comprehensive features. Yet, either owning it or not, many players have gripes with it. But don’t you worry no more, here comes the upgrade New PocketGo being improved in mainly five ways. Before we talk about the upgrades, just want to make it clear that “New PocketGo” and “PocketGo 2” means the former version and other possible sayings like “new New PocketGo”, “PocketGo 2 V.2”, “New PocketGo 2”should indicates the upgrade version.

Texture and Look

PocketGo 2 comes in a matte white plastic shell. In upgrade version it turns into a high gloss “piano finish” pearl white shell, which adds more sense of high-end to this handheld. PocketGo 2 originally comes with FC color buttons in black and plum, whereas the upgrade version comes with SFC’s rainbow buttons. If you feel greedy and want them all, in fact, buttons replacement in the other color are attached in the box.

Analog Sticks

On the former version, the analog stick is too tight to move and leaving you panic in fighting games (of course you can use the d-pad, but that’s another story). This won’t happen again with a new analog stick that works smoothly and swiftly on the upgraded PocketGo 2.

D-pad and Buttons

Everything of the controls seem to be fine until one day the first player figures out they turn out to be irresponsive and insensitive, and other players are gradually challenged by this problem. This will not happen again after the upgrade. I’ve tested the controls in input tester, all the buttons seem to be giving great response and work out fine.

Reset Button

Unlucky if your PocketGo 2 crashes, without the reset button, you’ll have to take out the battery and put it in again to reboot. With a tiny reset button down on the bottom where you won’t accidentally trigger it, you can now reboot the upgraded PG2 in case it crashes.

Type-C USB Port

If you are a perfectionist, you might get frustrated by PocketGo 2’s unaligned type-c port which is improved into an aligned port in the upgraded version. So why make it aligned? No idea, maybe it’s easier to plug in?

How it performs in games?

Overall, the running experience is more stable now than on PG2 before. Problems like sudden reboot and stumble in previous device are unseen after its upgrade. Like its predecessor, it can run most of the ROMs without problems. However, no, you still can’t play every PS1 games very fluently on new PG2. Skipped frames and screen tearing occur occasionally when I play big PS1 titles like Winning Eleven and Tekken. GKD350H is still the winner. But New PG2 is qualified in most PS1 games. At least the responsive new buttons and analog stick can help you obtain a better experience in games, compares to its previous version.

Final words

PocketGo 2 is truly a portable and a best-buy JZ4770 device for only $65. Its stable and solid performance in games gains it a considerable number of users. I would say it’s too harsh to request a perfect game emulation on PG2 and it’s not fair to expect a GKD350H or RG350 experience on PG2. It’s a cost effective machine that has almost identical configuration with RG350, but at the price of an average $65. Besides, when it comes to the grip, the placement of shoulder buttons and d-pad, PG2 does a better job than GKD350H and RG350.

Simply put, we’ve been talking about the improvements of the about-to-be machine that though the trace of upgrades is hard to notice on its appearance, the upgrade version actually improves a lot in many aspects. But do the improvements make the new New PocketGo better? Does it, this version meet most users’ expectations? What is the best version of New PocketGo for users, or, to put it this way, what is your best New PocketGo? New PocketGo and other Chinese handhelds still have a long way to go.