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New PocketGo or RG350 or GKD 350H

If you want to buy a Chinese handheld, which one is the most cost-effective product that can meet your needs at a maximum? Let’s see the evaluation from the senior player. We will elect the king of Chinese handheld according to the skill, price, service, portability and the build quality of the product.


We have selected the best three Chinese handhelds from thousands of different products. They are Big Boy PocketGo, GKD350H, and RG350. Big Boy PocketGo cost you the least, it is 59 dollars. RG350 is the most expensive handheld, it will cost you 80 dollars. GKD350H is between the others, it is 75 dollars, just 5 dollars less than Retro 350. The price of these three handhelds is not so high that most the players can afford it.

Let’s come to the point that which one is the best Retro handheld. I think RG350 is the best for its great emulator and its excellent build quality.

Build quality

RG350 is equipped with emulators specialized for Super Nintendo and PlayStation, it can play many game titles like NES, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Mega Drive, Sega Master System, PC Engine and Neo Geo and you can complete them very well. RG350 features 4 shoulder buttons, 2 analog sticks, 2 sets of USB-C ports, an HDMI output, a reset button, headphone output, volume rocker, and an external micro SD slot. It also has a pair of stereo speakers and rumble motors, which is a first for a device like this.

I’m happy to say that the unit of RG350 feels premium in almost all aspects, with some notable mentions going to the beautifully executed shoulder buttons and analog sticks. The device comes equipped with enough buttons to service every console, it’s capable of emulating. The addition of a volume rocker (instead of a wheel) and accessible reset button are welcome ones too.

The GKD350H is only got 4 shoulder buttons and it doesn’t even have volume view and volume rocker. Its build quality is great but just a little cheaper than RG350 for its cheap plastic texture to some extent.

The Big Boy Pocketgo also has great build quality, but it has some small bugs like its analog stick is in a low quality that it is easy to take it out. Besides, its screen is easy to take apart because it uses slightly low-quality glue. If you get annoyed about this, just think about it before you buy it.


Big Boy PocketGo is marketed under the brand of Big Boy, you can get to the customer service fairly easily, although you don’t know the pocketgo at all, you can trust it behind the name. The others are indifferent conditions. Once your handheld goes wrong, there was no customer service and you have to go to the community. These two handhelds will come from China which will take you months to get it.


RG350 is almost perfect in many aspects but it also has made a bit annoyance for its analog sticks protrude from the shell around an extra millimeter. It’s not much, but it means that sliding your thumb over it is not as fluid as it could be and when you put it in your pocket, it isn’t as portable as the Big Boy PocketGo. So you should take it into consideration when you pick it up. As for DGK350H, it is weight more powerful than the retro game, but it is portable for its plainer surface.

Overall Advice and Summary

These consoles are the best three handhelds of 2019, they have their respective dominance. If you want to buy a high cost-effective handheld, you can choose PocketGo V2,it only takes you 59.99 dollars to play various retro games fluently including the highly demanding games like PS1 and SNES. If you just only want to play PS1 Games, the DGK350H will be your best choice, it will bring you the most fluent and compatible PS1 analog experience. Besides, If you are an analog stick fan, RG350 will satisfy you with its excellent build quality in analog sticks and other aspects.

All in all, which one you should buy depends on your own needs.