New PocketGo Retro Game News

New PocketGo Armed with Metal Shell

Is metal shell going trendy among handhelds? After GKD350H and RG350m equipping with metal frames, New PocketGo is keeping up by arming itself with aluminum alloy shell too. Its texture feels premium, along with some upgrades on other aspects. Let’s see what’s changed and unchanged.


Like other metal handhelds, metal New PocketGo feels hefty in hands. But there’s no great difference in weight between the metal one and the plastic one.

Texture and color

The biggest attraction of the metal New PocketGo is its aluminum alloy shell. If you think the frosted plastic shell makes it look like a toy, or you don’t like the shiny shell of the upgrade, the metal version offers a new choice. But unlike the lively GKD350H red and gold and the RG350m elegant rose gold, it takes a low-key route. Dark grey with black can be either dull or concise, depending on personal preference.

Control sensitivity

I tested the d-pad and other buttons in the input tester. They are more sensitive than New PocketGo pre-revision. The joystick feels more flexible and is smooth to control. The touch and response are similar to the plastic upgrade.

Reset Button

There is a reset button like the plastic upgrade. Some say the reset button makes no sense for them. Besides rebooting the machine, it can turn the unit on with one click. Now we don’t have to long-press the power button to get the machine started.

Battery Placement

Flip to the back, it turns out the battery cover disappears. It’s an understandable change with the newly added reset button. if the machine gets stuck, there is no need to take out and reinsert the battery like the New PocketGo pre-revision.


Users complain about the volume issue of the New PocketGo a lot. Unfortunately, this issue is not solved neither in the New PocketGo upgrade nor this metal version. The minimum volume is still too loud. Bad news for people who want to sneak around in games at home or at work.


Its JZ4770 CPU remains the same, but the device supports RG350 system. In fact, as you might say, if the CPU stays the same, the performance in the emulators would hardly change. I would say now that the New PocketGo series are equipped with the RG350 system, the hardware can be continuously upgraded. Also, the rumble function is supported, like RG350 series. Now we can feel the rumbling vibration in our hands with this gentle metal monster.

Overall, the exterior and interior configurations of the metal New PocketGo appear to be similar to that of the New PocketGo upgrade. In other words, this metal version not merely alters its material but does some modifications to be distinguished from the original New PocketGo. I believe metal handhelds with substantial upgrades are very welcomed. But does the aluminum New PocketGo meet your demands in terms of being an “upgrade”? The launch of a metal version won’t necessarily excite many veterans, but, performance aside, it will at least give players an alternative. Personally, I’m looking forward to more metal handhelds.