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New PocketGo – A Very Portable Device

Currently there are a lot of alternatives for portable gaming devices that can offer different kind of experiences for gamers, but there are a portion of these kind of users that want small devices, for quick play, without complications.

Until now, most devices on the market are focussed to retrogaming, offering emulation of systems that include arcade gaming (Mame), NES, SNES (some titles), but this will change with devices such GCW-Zero and similar solutions like the New PocketGo device.

Playstation 1 on your pocket.

The most interesting “feature” for New PocketGo is the way it can handle and run PS1 emulation, allowing to get a very portable Playstation 1 device that trully you can carry on your pocket. Now, you can think there are more alternatives on the market that can run PS1 emulation, but those solutions are more expensive than this device, and in general double the size of New PocketGo too (and less portable really)

Until now, most devices where generic MAME devices (and other systems, but basically arcade focusses) and the most common game we can find on these devices are Street Fighter II and similar games, but with Playstation 1 emulation, now we have a lot of kind of games, more deeper, more interesting, and now a portable system like this is not limited to games quick-play oriented (arcade usually) that usually are focussed to be direct and quick gampelay, but within Playstation 1, now we have a new kind of games, more deep, more complex and more fun games in general.

Yes, this device can handle other systems, but i will focuss on PS1 because is the real new advance from previous devices (always talking on this price range)

Playing games such FFVII, Metal Gear Solid, Dino Crisis, Resident Evil, or even fighting games such Soul Blade, Guilty Gear, Tekken 3 on a device like this is awesome.

New Custom Firmware “Rogue” Edition for PocketGo2

Last days i helped to test a new custom firmware developed by Ninoh-Fox for the New Pocket Go.

This Custom firmware bring many features that the original firmware don´t have, and many of these features are so interesting and useful for most users.

Some of these features are:

  1. Support to read the second sdcard in fat32, exFAT, ntfs, ext4 (recommended) and ext3 format.
  2. Added key combinations with the power button:
  • POWER + VOL + or VOL-: Adjust the brightness of the screen.
  • POWER + SELECT: Close the current application.
  • POWER + START: Restart the console.
  • POWER + B: The analog stick will work as DPAD.
  • POWER + A: Change the aspect ratio with the screen in Hardware mode.
  • POWER + R1: Mouse emulation (Stick is movement and the L2 and R2 buttons the buttons)
  • POWER + DPAD up / dowm: Adjust the sharpness.
  • POWER + X: Take a screenshot.
  1. In Gmenu2x the power button can turn the screen off or on.
  2. You can change the cpu to maximum or minimum in gmenu2x for the opk, the same to change the name, description, icon and file filter.

Currently, the developer Ninoh-Fox are working on more features that will be included on the Custom Firmware and will be released in future.

For download this Custom Firmware, go to the developer’s GitHub and download directly:

For now, users have two alternatives for use on their devices, using original Firmware provided by the device, or using this another one. Use what you prefer and enjoy your gaming device!