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JZ4770 Retro Game Console Buy tips- How to choose?

Are you dazzled in a variety of retro handhelds? Dreaming of a cool retro game console, but you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, in this article, I will introduce 6 disparate retro game consoles from the JZ4770 processor, help you to choose the most suitable one by comparing the shell, build quality and price.


When it comes to the JZ4770 retro game consoles, the first one is acclaimed, the first generation of Anbernic, RG350, comes with a 3.5″ IPS 320×240 resolution display.

You will get 2 sets of shoulder buttons on the top and corner edges, and dual joysticks. The only downside of the joystick is the high position, which makes my thumb acid if playing games for a long time, and the analog stick on the left side can be moved to the location to the bottom, it will be more reasonable. It has 2 speakers and a physical volume button, all of the buttons on the RG350 are perfect.

The workmanship of the RG350 series is good, and it’s considered in possession of the best quality that other Chinese retro handhelds can hardly reach. It has an internal Micro SD card. The unit support PS1, FBA, NEOGEO, NEOGEO POCKET, GBA, GB, GBC, SFC, FC, PCE, and so on. The performance is great. Everything is alright, you can enjoy the game right away. The dimension is just right. I think it’s appropriate to buy it as a gift for its brief color, good quality, and the most important thing, it sells for $75.99.

Retro Game Console RG350


RG350M is also the most prestigious in the Retro Game series, and it is my favorite one owing to its improvements. It seems to be basically the same as RG350, in fact, the upgrade is more than a little bit. It improved the resolution to 640*480, the excellent image quality has been displayed well and the colors are saturated.

The shoulder buttons are more stable than RG350’s, the position of the joystick has been adjusted to be ergonomic, even the external micro SD card slot has been added, so you can play whatever you want. There’s nothing to say about the craft of aluminum, the merit I must mention is the weight, it’s unsuitable to take out or put in your pocket. RG350M is very competent, with a price of $129, if your budget is sufficient, I recommend you to get one.

Retro Game Console RG350M


RG280M released in June 2020, commonly known as the mini version RG350M. With a 2.8inch 320*480 IPS screen, it’s portable and convenient to be carried on the go. The gradient color is attractive, unique, and fashionable. Besides, there’s no other bright spot. I do not recommend with the price of $105.99.

Retro Game Console RG280M


On the basis of RG350M, the RG350P, which was launched in July, was replaced with an RG350 shell, which is much lighter overall. The screen has high transparency for optically clear lamination. Compared with GKD350H, the button layout of RG350P is more reasonable.

Due to it has two pairs of shoulder buttons, two card slots, two stereos and it also supports HDMI output. And the price is quite cheaper than RG350M. It also lighter than RG350M, you can get your hands free from finger cramping. It suits you to carry out for traveling. I think it’s one of the most reasonably priced options you can hope for the price at $87.99.

RetrO Game Console RG350P

GKD 350H

The screen size is the same as RG350 and new pocket go 3.5 inch IPS screen, with 320×240 resolution.

There is only a pair of shoulder buttons, an SD card slot, I don’t like the analog stick of new pocket go and GKD350H, it’s hard to accurately control the direction during the game. It doesn’t have a volume wheel.

But I really like the lightweight plastic shell, it’s made of plastic. The size is perfectly fit my hands. There’s a 2300mAh rechargeable battery, easy to disassemble. It supports 4 hours of playing at least.

The gaming performance is better than the new PocketGo and RG350 series. And the price as little as $55.99, it should be taken into consideration for entry-level.

Retro Game Console GKD350H

PocketGo V2 aluminum

The production of new PocketGo has been halted, so let’s move to its aluminum version.

Aluminum PocketGo adds a reset button. It also supports an external card. The shape of the stereo is special. Edge of the shell is curved, better fit my palm. At the same time, it makes shoulder buttons appear shorter than other handhelds.

The color is somewhat outdated, it is very bulky compared to RG350M. Price $109.99. There is no problem when playing most games. Delays and screen tearing problems are not obvious.

New PocketGo aluminum retro console

How to choose?

If you don’t care much about playing games like PSP, Dreamcast. In the JZ4770 series, I suggest you choose RG350P. The build quality is worthy of buying, and it is new production in July, also, it’s cost-effective. If you still want to get a cheaper one, GKD350H is a good choice, its performance is better than the RG series. Hope you got an idea already.