Retro Game Console Reviews

GKD 350H

GKD350H is a newly released retro game console under 80$ in 2019. Is it worth buying? In this review, you will learn more details on this retro handheld.

GKD 350H

How does it look?

Game Kiddy 350H has a size of 150 x 75 x 20 mm and a weight of 155g. On the front of the handheld, it is the IPS display screen (3.5” 320×240) which we will admit is a lovely screen to play on. On the left side, you can see a D-pad and an analogue stick that sits flush with all of the other buttons, so it won’t snag in your pocket when you are playing on the go. On the right side, the ABXY buttons and the start/select button just right there. The ABXY buttons are smooth and extremely responsive. The start/select buttons are probably the most rigid buttons on this device, so you won’t need to worry about accidentally activating them during play. On top of the device, there are single L and R buttons which can ensure you to play about 90% of the PS1 games. Between them, you can find a headphone jack, a micro USB port for charging, an on/off button and a Micro SD card slot.

The handheld comes with multiple colors: grey, yellow, crystal blue, crystal black and crystal clear. The transparent color is one of the best cases in this range.

How does it feel?


When you use the D-pad and the analogue stick, you will feel very comfortable even though you have played games for a long time. The D-pad is responded quickly even slightly pressed. The joystick is a cheap analogue component with a smooth top that moves easily in all directions. The stick snaps back into place after using quickly, and it also has the ability to spin. I think the joystick has a little bit more grip will be better because it easily gets slippery at times. These shoulder buttons feel absolutely incredible, there is soft feedback to them that doesn’t click every time you press it, when you press them, you have to press them hard and deep, which feels perfect when playing fighting games. In addition, one good design detail is the curved edges of the case, there are no sharp edges, and the matte finish combined with the curves makes it feel very, very comfortable in the hand. Though the handheld is made out of plastic, it doesn’t feel cheap, it makes you feel smooth but not slippery.


Unfortunately, the GKD 350H Game Console lacks a physical volume wheel, making it awkward to change the volume when in a game. Also, the tiny speaker feels cheap in comparison to the rest of the unit. The location of the speaker is right under your palm. If you’re a person with big hands, you will probably end up covering a portion of this speaker with your hand during play and you’ll find the sound quality is poor and muffled. It is a very disappointing factor of the GKD 350H. And that isn’t the end of the flaws. One feature is the printing of the model number and product details on the back of the battery case. The printing makes it look incredibly unprofessional and cheap, ruins the whole design.


The GKG350H holds a 1.9GHz MIPS CPU with 128MB Ram, a 2300 MAH battery and a 32GB Internal SD Card. These combined make it one of the most powerful $80 handhelds on the market. We can nicely experience its fluid gameplay, incredibly high frame rates, zero screen tearing, and crispy clear audio. The emulator can emulate the following games: MAME, FBA, NES, Gameboy, WonderSwan, Gameboy Color, Neo Geo, Playstation 1, Mega Drive, SNES, and Gameboy Advance. You can expect higher performance on this device, especially PS1 games. However, some PS1 games need to play with L2 and R2 buttons, so you have to resort to some key mapping to compensate for the lack of these two buttons.

All in all, GKD 350H is the best emulation machine in this generation.


Battery life

The GKD 350H handheld offers a much higher maximum brightness setting than any other retro device on the market. Even though, it still has a long battery life of six hours. When you play PS1 titles the battery life is about 4.5 hours.


GKD350H has a top IPS panel and one of the most powerful processors in this market. It will serve you the best fluent and compatible analogue ability to play PS1 games. However, it is hard to sell GKD 350H at a high price as its lower build quality. The cheap shell, poor speaker location, lacking L2/R2 shoulder buttons and volume wheels makes it be 3rd place in our best handhelds of 2019. If you pursue strong power and don’t mind the imperfect build quality, GKD350H is deserved to buy.