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Flydigi x Gundam Apex 2 Wireless controller, is anything good?

Are you a fan of the animation SEED DESTINY? Are you a fan of Gundam? This is good news for you, Flydigi released its wireless controller Apex 2 that in collaboration with Gundam this month. Honestly, I know nothing about Gundam, but it never stops attracts me with its cool design and powerful function.

The listing says the Flydigi Apex 2 is designed for mobile games, especially for MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) games. Owing to the 27 buttons equipped, it won’t be a problem to play PUBG using this controller.

What’s in box?

The box has silver hot stamping stuff on the Flydigi and SEED DESTINY logo. What the box includes is a storage bag, but the smell is not good. We find a phone holder, a lanyard, and a card wrote the production background of the gamepad. What’s more, there are two pairs of replaceable joysticks, one set of joysticks has a height of 6mm, which is convenient for users to move quickly in the racing games; the other set is 10mm, which can bring more delicate control for RPG and FPS games. also, there is a woven Type-C cable.

Flydigi apex 2
First Look

Flydigi Apex 2 really surprised me, that’s the coolest thing I’ve seen this year. The main body painted in white and blue, it’s easy to be found they are referred to as the color of Gundam. The red A button definitely is a bright spot. With various neat lines, the controller feels technological. One fairly nice thing is the size, it is a controller that exceed my expectation. It may be the best controller for me this year. They add some pieces of rubbers on the grips to avoid sweating and slimy. I can get an all-round control on the perfect dimension and a smooth touch.

The covers are dismountable, it is a bit hard to take off, you should be careful about it because they are very thin. And we have a built-in Bluetooth receiver. In the left-side cover, there is a fixed collar used for limiting the XYB rotating disc. If you don’t need it, just remove the collar and install it on the XYB. It feels like I’m doing some garage kit.

I have never seen a controller like Apex 2, which meets all requirements in the mobile game. I mean they correspond to every single virtual touch button on the cell phone display. For instance, I can make the best use of the buttons, as like to map the M1, M4 for proning and crouching in the PUBG mobile. A button gets closer to the position of the right thumb, which is ergonomic. With a Gundam mechanical style, the Select, Start and triggers are interesting. There are three buttons below, the Pair button, the Home and the Back button. It features M1-M4, and on/off on the back.

I like the looking so much, but the buttons frequently used are in white, inevitably, they will get dirty soon. Let’s talk about the phone holder, it’s easy to mount and takedown. Lift the holder and it is removed. By the way, it can also be used as a mobile phone holder, put your cell phone on, then release your hands to some degree. In the Flydigi Game app, there are some mapping configuration, I chose a basic configuration so that I can get familiar with the operation.

I didn’t play the PUBG well, so the controller made me hurry-scurry, I have to get familiar with it, otherwise, I just want to throw away the controller and get started with my hands.

Final Word

Overall the quality is good. What you expect from the controller are the complete buttons. Meanwhile, you may feel rattled if you are a new gamer, practice is needed. The price of the Gundam version sells at nearly $85. How do you think of that, it’s acceptable or a bit expensive for you? Let me know that in the comment section.