Welcome to RetroConsoleTalk.  Here we talk about the tips/ guides/ reivews for retro game console.

Whenever I purchase something, I like to do a lot of research to make sure I am getting the most “bang for my buck”. Usually this is very easy on most products since there is a lot of information available on the internet (cars, major appliances, consumer cameras, etc.). But when I started researching retro console, this was not the case. Very little unbiased reviews existed. Many models had fakes and it was nearly impossible to tell them apart. It was difficult to determine which vendor was reputable and which ones were not. But I did not give up and kept researching. I spent hundreds of hours going over every site I could find learning everything I could about retro game console. I then purchased my first console based on this research and was very pleased with the purchase.

I then realized, that others were probably having the same issue as me when researching these handhelds. Hence I started the site. To share what I learned from all this research seeing that it could help others. I try to be as honest as possible and point out flaws as well as positive aspects of each console. I was hoping when someone purchases a retro game console, they could share a real review on it. What they liked / didn’t like, how it performs. I feel these real user reviews give more insight into the quality and usability of the dash cam, over professional reviews.

I am not an expert on retro console. I actually know a small amount information on a lot of devices because I like to research. There are many here who have much more in depth knowledge on specific consoles. So if you find any incorrect information on the site, please point it out and we will attempt to fix it.